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Prostar PWM Firmware Update application/zip English 07.23.2020 v18.0
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This is the latest firmware update for the Prostar Gen3 charge controller. To update the firmware, download this file and the MSLoad PC software utility found in the related documents. This firmware update contains all fixes to date. Only the latest firmware update needs to be programmed into the Prostar Gen3.

NOTE: A Morningstar USB to Meterbus (model: UMC-1) is required to load new firmware into the Prostar Gen3. Consult your Morningstar dealer for more information.


Prostar G3 v18.0

(Release Date:  Web – 10/13/20) (Release Date:  Production – 10/11/20   2042xxxx)

-Load High Voltage Disconnect (LHVD) Disabled by Default
-Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Defaults to 11.5V for all Battery Types
-Low Voltage Reconnect (LVR) Defaults to 12.6V for all Battery Types
-Device Reset when full error log is accessed
-Hour meter reporting incorrect value on power cycle
-Meter auto-return lockup



  • – Non-meter version adds pushbutton functionality to toggle load on/off
  • – Meter charge daily times zeroed upon Night-Day transition (does not affect logger)
  • – Low voltage charging limit brought to 9Vbatt
  • – Equalize toggle via meter
  • – HVD can now be disabled via meter
  • – Abs_daily timer no longer accumulates while in EQ


V5.0 – No Public Release

  • -Day/night check error bugfix
  • -Regulator tune bugfix


V4.0   Initial Production Release

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