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EMC-1 Firmware Update application/zip English 03.04.2020 v15 build 0
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This is the latest firmware update for the EMC-1. Update instructions are included with the download. This firmware update contains all fixes to date. Only the latest firmware update needs to be programmed into the EMC-1.


EMC-1 v15.0  (Release Date:  Web – 3/4/20) (Release Date:  Production – 9/21/20)

-SNMP v2c compatibility for supported morningstar products
-MIB files Included in distribution
-Intermittent socket leak requiring reboot to resume communications
-Updated and improved lightweight IP stack (LwIP)


v10 Build 1

  •  -24V Meterbus Link Fix


v9 Build 1

  •  -DHCP overwrite fix
  • -Static IP Disconnect/Reboot Fix
  •  -Mem handling locking
  •  -Task priority adjustments
  •  -Time slicing disabled
  • -TSPWM Boot Sequence Fix



  • -Added support of TriStar MPPT 600V charge controller.
  • -Ethernet Writes DIP 1 now limits EMC-1 firmware updates.
  • -Enhanced the System page to display EMC-1 faults, alarms and a button to reboot the EMC-1.
  • -Added Reboot button to the firmware update completion page to allow remote resetting of EMC-1.
  • -Increased serial response time-out to better support ProStar MPPT and ProStar PWM Gen3 products
  • -Improved MODBUS TCP/IP connection handling eliminate loss of network connectivity when using MSView.
  • -EMC-1 will retry detecting a lost controller before rescanning all possible device IDs.
  • -Editable fields and the save button are disabled if Ethernet Writes DIP 1 is OFF.
  • -When a settings change is made and saved, the EMC-1 will reboot properly after the user selects to reboot the controller from prompts.
  • -Added firmware update failure notification pages.



Initial Release

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