The voltage at which the solar array will produce the maximum power output. This value will vary significantly due to environmental conditions (temperature, cloud cover, time of day, etc) and system setup (panel configuration, panel angle, etc). MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controllers such as the TriStar MPPT and SunSaver MPPT with Morningstar TrakStar™ technology are able to track this shifting value to provide the maximum amount of charging power possible.

Traditional PWM vs Morningstar’s TrakStar™ MPPT Technology


Tech Support Policy

TriStar MPPT Processor A Firmware Update

v32b Firmware and above addresses EEprom access bugfix causing watchdog trip and subsequent lowside FET turn on.  This issue is generally limited to Controllers installed in applications utilizing all, or most, of the following items in the design.  -High I/O of Communications, -Read/Write of vb_ref register (0x0033), -Read/Write of ib_ref register (0x0058), -Write of battery current limit (0xE01D), -Coil command restart of controller, -48V Systems, -Oversized Arrays.  The following link provides instructions on updating firmware:


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